ITIL/ITSM Consulting

ITSM/ITIL Implementation
IT Service Management (ITSM) is a business driven and process oriented approach to the management of IT, and ITIL is the world leading framework for best practices in Service Management.
Through full or partial implementation of the ITIL framework in your organization, you will move into a new era of measurable achievements. In Rowad Aletkan we can help you to implement the ITIL framework and reap its benefits. Starting with assessment to the current operations and processes, we can measure the level of compliance and maturity in relation to the ITIL framework, conduct a gap analysis and propose recommendations and plans for reaching the desired level of Compliance and Maturity.

ISO20000 Certification
ISO/IEC20000 is the first worldwide standard specifically aimed at IT Service Management. It describes an integrated set of management processes for the effective delivery of services to the business and its customers. ISO/IEC20000 is aligned with and complementary to the process approach defined within ITIL from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). In Rowad Aletkan we can help you achieve the requirements of the ISO20000 standard and become certified. While doing so, we make sure that all the positive results intended by the standard are achieved.

IT Department Structuring / Restructuring
Whether you are structuring a new IT department or trying to restructure the current one, in order to reach the highest level of quality, effectiveness and efficiency; we can help you define the functional structure, Job Descriptions and the Service Management work processes according to ITIL framework and ISO20000 standard, which will help you reach your goals.

IT Management
Aiming to move your IT function to new levels of Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency? In Rowad Aletkan we can help you achieve this by implementing the ITIL framework, which is the worldwide best practices framework in IT Management.

Service Desk Implementation
Service Desk (SD) function is increasingly needed in organizations worldwide, to provide professional and efficient support services. Creating the SD function and implementing the SD tool is a challenging task. In Rowad Aletkan we can help you in defining the SD objectives and strategy that are aligned with the business needs, define the related work processes, organize and train the SD team, define the requirements of the SD tool, help in evaluating, procuring, and implementing the tool, and finally help the team in operations until it becomes stable.

IT Operations Auditing and Assessment
As a basic step for improvement initiatives, we can perform process and infrastructure auditing to your IT environment and analyze its current capabilities, in addition to analyzing the gap between the current capabilities and your strategic vision.

Implementation of Service Management Tools
For successful procurement and implementation of SM Tools, we provide you with Technical Consultation and Project Management Service that can help you achieve best return on your investments.
Hardware Implementations
For successful procurement and implementation of any Hardware System, we provide you with Technical Consultation and Project Management Service that can help you achieve best return on your investments.

IT Contracts/Supplier Management
If you are receiving expensive IT services, but cannot ensure you are getting the right value for money because the services are too complicated to track and measure along the year; we can help you out. Starting from defining the suitable Service Levels and building the right contract terms to tracking and measuring the actual performance, we help you receive the highest value for your money.

Passive Networks (Cabling)
Network Cabling is usually a large investment, and one of the rare areas in IT in which the assets useful lifetime is expected to pass 10 years. Although identifying a suitable category for your site is not a difficult thing, the actual design and execution can carry numerous buried problems that are hard to detect in the final testing, and are harder to repair (examples to those include sharp bends and proximity to noise sources).
We provide robust designs and close supervision on execution to make sure you get maximum benefit of this long term investment

Data Centers
Data Centers are much more complex that just a location for central equipment. They include several features and involve several supporting systems that are usually out of the scope of IT expertise. Examples include:
- Power provision and distribution (UPSs, Generator, PDUs …etc)
- Cooling (CRAC units, airflow …etc)
- Cabinet arrangement
- Raised Floors
- Structured Cabling
- Grounding and EMF issues
- Fire protection
- Physical security

Those are governed by Standards and Best Practices including: TIA/EIA 568 /569 /606 /607 /758 /942, EN50173-2/3/4/5, Tier Classification of Uptime Institute and BICSI Classes.

For current DCs and Telecom rooms we conduct auditing/assessment against the standards, and provide recommendations for improvements.
For new DCs we provide design, preparation of RFPs, proposal-evaluation and project management.

Physical Security Systems
Now surveillance cameras and physical access control are all converting to be IP based, and tend to become more and more integrated with the LAN, and moving in the scope of IT responsibilities. Bringing new challenges (examples include camera optics, access mechanisms and heavy A/V traffic).
From RFPs to Project Management and Acceptance testing, we can help you bridge this gap, and take charge of such projects from early stages.